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We are Manufacturing, Trade and Service Company sharing family-based values with headquarters located in Podegrodzie, near Nowy Sacz. We have been operating for over 20 years, being initially a one-person workshop delivering glazing services. Nonetheless, thanks to the far-reaching foresight, professional preparations and good sales strategy we developed into an efficiently managed enterprise, currently employing over 40 people.

We enjoy wide recognition and renown, our brand is valued and respected among our customers whom we offer a wide selection of construction glass, hollow glass bricks, greenhouse glass, glazing units, mirrors, glass coffee tables and furniture, stained glass, polycarbonate boards and glass bathroom accessories.

We process glass and mirrors to every order. Relaying on the professionalism and experience of our staff as well as state-of-the-art machinery, we ensure full satisfaction of our customers.

We deliver construction services based upon innovative and modern solutions within the scope of interior design incorporating glass elements. We also manufacture balcony extensions, conservatories, various canopies and skylights.

Our prime ambition is to assure customer satisfaction hence we are not afraid to undertake even the most unusual orders, offering consulting service, top quality products and sound workmanship.

Our name "KRYSZTAL" [Crystal] reflects not only the beauty of our products but also a transparent philosophy of cooperation with every single one of our customer.

"KRYSZTAL" is a renowned trademark synonymous with reliability, professional consultancy and sound workmanship.

We are here to make your dreams become reality!

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